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TFI is a leading child welfare agency providing experience, compassion, quality services, and care. Our strength as an organization lies in the fact that we do what is best for children and families. TFI continues to create new foster parent resources and develop innovative solutions as we work to meet the needs of families and children.

We provide various services to the community, including foster and kinship care, adoption, counseling support and education, prevention services, TIPS-MAPP training, visitation and exchange centers, and numerous other child welfare services.


Devoted to the Strength of Family


To Be Nationally Recognized for Excellence in Service, Education and Advocacy to Strengthen Families.


  • Integrity – We do the right thing. We conduct our business with transparency, honesty and the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics.
  • Leadership – We have confidence that everyone can make a difference today and contribute to where we go in the future. 
  • Child Safety – We believe every child should have a childhood where they are nurtured body, mind and soul; are safe, protected and loved; and have hopes, dreams and opportunities.
  • Family – We honor family as each person defines it. 
  • Acceptance – We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, faiths, cultures and experience.
  • Quality – We commit to excellence through evidenced-based practices and innovative service delivery.

The Family Initiative, Inc. is the parent company providing services to children and families across the U.S. We provide services through our affiliates: 

  • TFI Family Services in Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri
  • TFI Family Connections in Oklahoma 
  • Texas Family Initiative in Texas
  • Pathway Family Services in Kansas and Texas 
  • Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions is an affiliate supporting the TFI Family of Companies and other nonprofits
  • Foster Care Technologies is an affiliate providing child welfare technology solutions to different organizations

TFI is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a voluntary board of directors providing effective leadership, support and guidance.

Our History

Founded in 1965 as a rural day camp for youth, TFI has grown to become a multi-state child welfare organization providing a broad array of services to children and families.


Council on Accreditation.

TFI is accredited in:

Service Standards

  • Family Foster Care and Kinship
  • Family Preservation and Stability
  • Mental Health and/or Substance Use
  • Residential Treatment Services
  • Supervised Visitation and Exchange
  • Youth Independent Living Services

Service Delivery Administration

  • Administrative and Service Environment
  • Behavior Support and Management
  • Client Rights
  • Program Administration
  • Training and Supervision

Administration Management

  • Financial Management
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Performance and Quality Improvement
  • Risk Prevention and Management


Quality Improvement

Our mission is about strengthening families. To achieve this, we do all we can to continuously improve the quality of all our services throughout TFI.

Quality improvement allows TFI to facilitate internal reviews of program and administrative departments. These reviews help us design training and education programs for staff and retain a focus on program outcomes through a continuous quality improvement process. Management of reviews, reporting of audits, and program improvement plans help TFI and its companies build upon success and identify needs early.

Within TFI quality improvement, we monitor child placing licenses for all companies, coordinate with external agencies on compliance, and provide a structure for quality improvement activities in programs. Some pieces inside the quality improvement program include organizing and assembling provider meetings with stakeholders, managing the client satisfaction survey process, discussing contract issues, outcomes and quality of services and providing reports on agency compliance.

In addition, quality improvement coordinates regulatory agency audits from Council on Accreditation, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Department of Children and Family, Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services and other child welfare community-based service providers.

TFI strives to protect the privacy and safety of all families with which we work. To aid in this, we use stock photos to represent children and family clients. Outside of select stories provided with consent of past clients, stories shared are representative of the work we do and the impact of that work; but names, specific details and other identifying aspects of such client stories are changed to protect privacy and safety.

Foster children who find a stable home
are 60% more likely to attend college.

You can help unlock a world of opportunities for a child in need.

Unlock a child's potential

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