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3 Tips For Helping Your Foster Child Adjust

By January 28, 2021October 5th, 2023No Comments

Once your foster child comes to your home, it is likely going to take them some time to get adjusted. It is important that you remember that this is completely normal and that you don’t take it personally. Thankfully, during this time there are certain things that you can do to help your foster child to adjust and become more comfortable in your home. Here are three great tips!

3 Tips For Helping Your Foster Child Adjust

Plan And Cook Their Favorite Foods

One excellent way to help them feel more comfortable in your house is to plan and cook some of their favorite meals. You can ask them what some of their favorite foods are and let them know that you’d be happy to cook them. You can even help them feel included in the entire process by having them come shopping at the store with you for the ingredients and also having them help you to prepare and cook the actual meals.

Personalize Their Room

As you get to know your foster child better over the first couple of weeks, you can learn more about what their interests are. This can help you to better personalize their room to include these items. This will help their room feel more like a personal space and it will likely turn into their safe haven in your home.

Make Them Feel Important

A great way to help your foster child adjust to your home is to let them know just how important you think they are. You can do this in several ways, such as displaying things that the create or draw, congratulating them on all of their accomplishments, making their events and activities a priority, and more. Doing these things will let your foster child know that you want them in your life and what they do matters to you.

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