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Child Care Community Centres

By March 24, 2021October 5th, 2023No Comments

When a child or minor is placed in a residential care facility or privately owned and is state-certified to provide them with the basic needs and care required, we refer to them as foster agencies. The placement of minors into such facilities is coordinated via social service agencies or the government. Despite the numerous adverse outcomes correlated with fostering care, TFI family service. Inc is dedicated to ensuring that the children get the love, maintenance, and attention required in building a healthy family. It has become nationally recognized over the years for its excellence in advocating and educating people about strong family values and its role in the upbringing of a child.

Child Care Community Centres

In this modern age of technology and racial awareness, the organization is developing new ways to meet both children and families’ specific needs. The institution provides several services to communities, which include;

• Foster and Kinship Care.
• Domestic and international adoptions.
• Counseling education and support.

These are among the organization’s many services in different states, including; Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. They can provide services to all these areas through affiliate organizations such as;

• TFI Family connections are located in Oklahoma.
• Texas Family Initiatives found in Texas.
• Pathway Family Service situated in Kansas

Within TFI Family Service, we always aim to improve the quality of service by conducting reviews that help design education and training programs for our staff.  These programs help us identify the needs of children under our care early to tend to them efficiently and effectively. Privacy and safety are our core concerns when working with different families. Therefore, we use stock photographs in representing family and children. At TFI Family Service, we aim to instill values such as integrity, acceptance, leadership, and family.

For any query, comment, and suggestion, contact us or talk to us via social platforms at TFI Family Service.Inc.