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Four Foster Kids Who Grew Up To Be Successful

By November 12, 2019October 5th, 2023No Comments

foster kids finding each other.

Being in foster care is difficult for children. Even children with the most loving foster parents will face challenges. One of those challenges is the feeling that they are alone. Often, they don’t know many other foster kids at school. They may be embarrassed about being in foster care, and try to keep their situation a secret.

In reality, they are far from being alone. There are at least 400,000 children in foster care in the USA. Many successful adults spent time in foster care, as well. Here are just a few examples.

Cordelia Cranshaw

Cordelia Cranshaw entered foster care at the age of twelve when her mother was sent to prison. She began competing in pageants in 2009, while still in foster care. In 2019, she won Miss District of Columbia, USA. Now, when she’s not busy winning pageants, Cordelia works as an education specialist at D.C. Child and Family Services. She also runs her own nonprofit organization that helps children who are facing tough situations.

Albert Wilson

Albert Wilson loves to do everything he can to help kids in foster care. Why? Because he has been there! He spent seven years in foster care while his parents were in jail. Today, Albert Wilson is a successful football player with the Miami Dolphins. He likes to tell kids in foster care to have a dream, and remember that anything is possible.

Regina Louise

AuthorRegina Louise was abandoned by her parents and abused by the relatives who were supposed to be caring for her. When she was 13, she ran away from home and asked the police for help. She was placed in foster care. Regina made a strong connection with a counselor named Jeanne. Even after they lost contact with each other, Regina never forgot Jeanne’s love and kindness. Remembering Jeanne helped Regina to make positive choices as she grew older. Eventually she wrote a memoir about growing up in foster care. The book was so successful, it was even made into a movie. Now, Regina is an advocate for children in foster care, and travels the country speaking at foster care seminars about her experiences.

Jimmy Wayne

Country Singer Jimmy Wayne and his sister Patricia had a rough time at home. Their dad was out of their life, and their mother had Bipolar Disorder. The children entered foster care when Jimmy was nine years old. When he got older, Jimmy graduated from high school with a degree in criminal justice. However, he really wanted to be a singer, and eventually he achieved his dream. Now, he encourages adults to “be somebody” in the lives of foster kids. He says that even if an adult cannot be a foster parent, they can find other ways to make a difference.

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Being a foster kid can be hard. It can help foster kids to realize that they are not alone. Many others, including successful adults, have been there. Not only can children in foster care grow up to be successful, but they can make a difference for others as well.

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