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Journey to the Cross

By March 8, 2017October 5th, 2023No Comments

April 14th & 15th  |  7:00pm
Rose Hill Christian Church Worship Center
Free Admission (Donations Accepted)

Easter time for local Christians is a time for a reflection of their faith.  Rose Hill Christian Church drama department invites you to share the amazing story of Jesus’ ministry as he journeys from his baptism to his ascension in the stage production of “Journey to the Cross”.

For the past four years, during the Christmas season, the church has presented a reenactment of the Christmas Story called “Journey to Bethlehem”.  This will be the first time our community will be able to see and feel Jesus’ ”Journey to the Cross”.

“This is our gift to the community.  It’s an outreach “ said Ginny Willey, director of the presentation.  “We are always looking for ways to share the gospel with our community.  This story brings the gospel to life”.

Jesus, played by Bryan Bell, is a Dallas, TX area resident.  He has portrayed the roll of Jesus in many events close to his home.  RHCC is excited that he has agreed to bring the roll of Jesus to our community in “Journey to the Cross” at Rose Hill Christian Church this Easter.
If you have attended “Journey to Bethlehem” at Christmas time, we invite you to come and see “THE REST OF THE STORY”.