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Foster Parenting

I Want a License to Become a Foster Parent. Does It Take Long?

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“Relatively” Speaking, Very Little Time

Technically, a foster child is a relative, virtually no different than a biological child. Remembering that a biological child takes approximately 9 months to enter our lives, the time to get a license to become a foster parent is minimal. (And this legal right, or “license”, carries an emotional bond.)

A basic “rule of thumb” appears to be 3 to 6 months. Less than 3 months is unlikely but not unheard of. Bureaucratic progress (“red tape”) is out of the hands of the applicant for foster parenting. However, what is under the control of the prospective parents is their motivation and efficiency in completing each step required. 

The Process Begins

As usual, an application needs to be filled out will all pertinent details. Additional requirements include:

  • Personal references
  • Exams assessing the applicant’s medical health
  • Information concerning the applicant’s financial situation
  • A background check
  • Fingerprinting
  • A fire inspection of the residence.
  • A specific number of hours of state-approved training for foster parent applicants

A Visit to Your Home

I Want a License to Become a Foster Parent. Does It Take Long?

Logically, an actual visit to your residence is in order by the agency’s assessor. And since this is almost the end of the process, you’d be wise to confirm your schedule (if possible) to that of the assessor’s availability. When the “home study” is successfully completed, you may have your license to become a foster parent. Plus, your foster child could be in your home within a few weeks or less!

Ways You Can Speed Up the Process

Assuming no one else is as excited as you are to complete this process, initiate every step required as soon as it’s possible. Physical exams, background checks, fingerprinting, replies to your “reference request” letters: all will seem to take forever to accomplish. And since you can’t make others hurry, at least do your part. Pretend it’s like getting your drivers license. Yes, that type of zeal.

A Journey of 1000 Miles

It starts with one step. Superior to a driver’s license, a pilot’s license, or a license to practice medicine, the full legal rights of a foster parent bring a joy remembered long after a temporary inconvenience! As soon as you’re ready to begin the journey, contact us for expert assistance!